I am going to start this blog off today by giving another blogger a plug. The blog is I am starting this off in this manor because something happen that reminded me of PG. PG is how he referees to himself.

PG and I, lets just say that we view the world through different sets of glasses. Maybe that is why I enjoy his post so much. The other reason he creates some of the most interesting pictures I have ever seen.

His love for pictures is what caused me to think of him the other night.

Pam, my wife and I were moving some furniture around and a pictures no longer went with what we had placed in the room. It was a print of the baby Jesus holding a hammer and a spike. I have had the picture for ages. Other than the pictures of the kids, it is most likely the only print in the house.

I am rather weird about that. I had rather havie one real painting by an unknown artist that will never be known than a box of prints showing Mona Lisa or Whistler’s Mother.

Any way PG most likely wouldn’t approve of the Baby Jesus hanging on the dinning room wall. Another day I might explain how the picture came about and what sentimental value it holds to me.

Thinking about PG brought back some memories from almost forty years ago. I was fresh out of the army and working a full time job and going to school at night. I still couldn’t make ends meet so I took on a rural country paper route out side of Greenville, MS. Greenville sets in the MS. Delta. Watch the national news and you will soon find that this is one of the poorest areas of the country.

When I collected the monthly fees, I often found myself in the living rooms of some of the poorest people in the delta. Most had a fireplace for their only heat. Often there would be a light bulb hanging from the ceiling with a forty-watt bulb.

One old and sweet lady I called on was like me. She didn’t appreciate art but she sure darn well liked her some. She had two extension cords running from her overhead light to two pictures on the wall. One was a picture of Jesus and hanging beside him was a picture of Martin Luther King. Both with their own lights attached to the frame.

One cold snowy and muddy January I knocked on this late middle age couple’s door. She cleaned a house or two and he was disable. I heard the familiar, “Come on in the door is open.”

I walked in and there hanging on the wall was a huge lighted picture of Elvis. It had been painted on black velvet. I must say it was the strangest thing I had ever seen. Then to top that off it was hanging in a room that had cracks big enough in the wall that they had newspaper stuffed in them to keep the snow out.

Even back then, this thing had to cost well over a hundred dollars.

About that time the lady came out of the kitchen and seen the expression on my face. She must have mis-read it and I am glad she did.

“Aint’ it the most beautiful thing you have ever laid eyes on?”

“Yes, ma’am I can’t say I have ever seen any thing like it before in my life.”

She explained how the kids had sent her and her husband Bob some money for Christmas and they had taken what they had saved all year long and bought it.

She said, “No matter how poor you is everyone deserves to enjoy some art.”

She returned in a minute with my $2.50 for the paper and two cold beers. We both sat and stared at the picture until the beers were gone.

I got up and said, “Congratulations on your purchase. It is definite unique.”

“I don’t want to sound like I am bragging but you are right.”

PG if you read this at least my picture didn’t have a light on it nor was it on velvet.

I leave you all with this, “hold on to your art. It might be worth something some day. If to no body else at least to yourself.”

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One Comment on “ART AND SUCH”

  1. chamblee54 Says:

    Hey. I just got back from the beach, and a few adventures, excellent and otherwise. The pretty pictures and ugly opinions will return shortly.
    America got ham bushed from 2001-2009.

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