I know before I ever click on the publish button this will offend someone. One of you will say. ” that just
proves what a white southern redneck Gary is. Don’t worry about writing and telling me because I already know. I also know that this is politically incorrect.

Still what I know most of all is that it is funny.

Have a great Friday.

Two Mexicans are stuck in the desert after crossing into the United States illegally ,
wandering aimlessly and starving. They are about to just lie down and wait
for death, when all of a sudden Luis says………

“Hey Pepe, do you smell what I smell. Ees bacon, I theenk.”

“Si, Luis, eet sure smells like bacon. ”

With renewed hope they struggle up the next sand dune, & there, in the
distance, is a tree loaded with bacon.

There’s raw bacon, there’s fried bacon, back
bacon, double smoked bacon … every imaginable kind of cured pork.

“Pepe, Pepe, we ees saved. Ees a bacon tree.”

“Luis, maybe ees a meerage? We ees in the desert don’t forget.”

“Pepe, since when deed you ever hear of a meerage that smell like
bacon…ees no meerage, ees a bacon tree.”

And with that, Luis staggers towards the tree.
He gets to within 5 metres, Pepe crawling close
behind, when suddenly a machine gun opens up, and Luis
drops like a wet sock.

Mortally wounded, he warns Pepe with his dying breath,

“Pepe… go back man, you was right, ees not a bacon

“Luis, Luis mi amigo… what ees it? ”

“Pepe… ees not a bacon tree.





Ees a ham bush….”

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