I ran a cross a story I had wrote several years ago. I have never shared it here so I decided this would be just the right time.

These days it seems if you aren’t having problems all you have to do is wait a while and you will.

You have surely heard if the shoe fits wear it. Today I am saying if you are standing on the bridge. Go ahead and look down, If you don’t like what you see wait a while and look again.


After spending some time having a pity party the other night, I finally fell asleep.

Somewhere in the early hours of the morning, I was wide-awake. It was as if the father of all depression was hovering over me. Not knowing how to react I got up, and made my way to my office. I didn’t dare flip a light switch.

I pulled my desk chair out. Using it for support, I dropped to my knees. I wanted to pray, yet no prayer would come. I was under a heavy cloud of doom. This spirit seemed determined, to fill my head with the most dreadful thoughts. For a while, death seemed a better alternative than life.

I wasn’t suicidal, yet this demonic spirit was certainly suggesting this to be a easy way out.

With a blink, I was transported to a unfamilar place. I am not for sure if I have an over taxed imagination to thank or if another spirit had taken over. I was certain that I was no longer in my office or my own home. I am neither a scientist nor a theologian, so I want begins to guess how I had arrived at such a place.

I was now standing on a small bridge, constructed of wood and looking to be very old. I looked down at a small river. You could see the bottom through the clear water that flowed just barely out of reach.

I began to feel calmness that had escaped me for the last several weeks. Then I heard a small voice.

“Look down. What do you see?”

I looked at what had been a gentle flowing stream only moments earlier. It had become something very different.

“Is that what I think it is?”

“Yes, you are witnessing your own life flowing by.”

The water was now murky. Upon closer inspection I saw a thousand everyday, days floating by. After a moment, I took my eyes off the stream thinking how dull my life had been.

“Look again.” The voice wasn’t so soothing this time.

I looked, wondering what other dull moments I was to witness. To my udder amazement, the water had turned dark, and was now churning with great agitation. I saw ever failure I had ever known rushing by.

Then the moments of my life came when I had felt the most alone. I once again stood at my baby’s casket, there was the day my draft notice had come, and the currents kept churning.

I looked up, “Sir what pleasure do you find in torturing me this way.”

“Look again.”

I forced myself to face the river once again.

As I looked down, I saw myself finally graduating school. I reached out to touch the water and suddenly my separation papers from the army lay in my hand.

There was now a steady flow of wonderful events peacefully floating by. I felt so blessed. .

“What does all this mean Lord?”

I heard a whisper on the wind.

“Don’t fear the bad times. Soon they will flow away from you.

“Savor the good ones because they want always be with you. Like the hard ones, they to will flow into the sea of eternity.

The spirit of depression’s chokehold ceased.

I returned to bed. I had learned my lesson.

Now, when the bad times come and they still do. I look up stream knowing the good ones are soon to come. I enjoy those dull everyday days also. I know they are for rest.

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