Have you ever wondered why bloggers blog. If you can figure that one out why do other people read what they write? I am coming upon 15,000 hits soon. That is not a lot. Many bloggers are past a million I would guess.

I think some pick a subject that they either are interested in or think that others might be. Me I just jot my thoughts down. I have for quiet a few years now. I used to write on a calendar and then a notebook. Then one Christmas my wife gave me a nice hardback journal to write in. The next year it was leather bound. Then I got a computer and started writing and storing my thoughts on a disk.

Where we want to say it aloud or not I think most bloggers just want to say I lived here. I was a human being. These words were mine.

When I first discovered chat rooms, I met a woman in Georgia. We both shared a desire to some day be published. We belonged to a Christian writer’s group type chat room I guess you could say.

One day she shared with me that she had found some old letters her grandfather had wrote her grandmother. They both had been dead for a number of years. It seems as if Granny had an affair and got caught. Grandpa had forgiven her and asks her to come back. Of course, this was when they were very young.

It simply blew this woman away that her granny could have done such a wicked thing to her wonderful grandpa. I remember thinking that they had not been born old and wrinkled.

Still that was when I realized what drove me to write. I wanted perhaps my grand children or even great grandchildren to know that I wasn’t always old and senile. That I had thoughts and feeling just as they had.

I never place much in my writings about my day-to-day life. I write more about what is happening in my head that day. Write my thoughts and my hopes.

Maybe one of them will see their self in something I have wrote.

Enjoy your Saturday and remember I will be working.

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