Walking and Writing

I have started two new projects. I started back walking again. I walked fifteen miles my first week. I know that isn’t going to break any records. Still it is fifteen more miles than I walked the week before. Remember a journey begins with the first step.

The other thing I began was writing again. It took me five set downs to scratch out five pages. When I reach twenty pages, I will send it to a friend in Canada for editing. I am sure any one that reads this blog will agree that I need all the help in the editing department that I can get.

If you are reading this blog today Jane, remember when you use to read my stories. Jane always said and I quote. “I love your stories but your spelling turns my brain to mush.

Well, what is wrong with a mushy brain?

Any way I will keep you guys posted from time to time.

Spring is still with us in Mississippi and as for as I am concerned it can stay just as it is until about December.

Oh, I keep hearing the economy is getting better. If it is getting better at your house congratulations. Please send me a comment and share with us how you managed it. I am sure there are several that would love to know how.

Enough rambling for one day. More later.

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