Oil Slick

There is something fishy going on in the Gulf. There is an oil slick out there most likely bigger than Rhode Island by now and there is little being said about it.

A few years ago, Katrina hit this same area. She started as a dot on a map. Still we were seeing it on
T. V. every ten minutes. They were showing the path that she had came on so far. Then it was everyone’s guesses were she was headed.

I am not taking any thing away from Katrina. She was a horrible killer. She took out every thing in her path plus half of another state that had to put up with her flooding.

Still though after few days the water and wind was gone and we all started picking up the pieces. Everything from houses to factories were either blown or washed away. Fisherman began repairing and replacing their boats. The government started bringing in those famous little trailers.

The coast isn’t over Katrina by any means but the people down there are rebuilding. It is hard to keep southerners down. It is just in our nature not to give up.

Even with this in mind. I would like to ask what the fishermen are going to do when there are no more fish.

How do you rebuild a swamp? In Alaska, they pressured washed the stones and cleaned up the wild life.

How do you clean hundreds of miles of sugar white sand?

The only thing that attracts people to the Guff Coast and then makes it possible for them to make a living is the water and the beeches.

Take the beeches away and you destroy a whole section of this country.

All this is going to happen. In fact, this is going to be like the Hurricane that lstays for weeks or maybe months.

You can now only see where Katrina passed through. It will be years before the oil goes away.

Still with this disaster on the way, I would say it takes up less than 10% of the news. What is weird the local press hasn’t even been too excited about it.

I saw one of the Kennedy boys blaming the whole thing off on Bush the other day.

That is what we need to come out of Washington. Little to no help and lots of blaming it on somebody else.

I hope you like your seafood fried. Looks like you are going to start getting it preoiled.

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