Why is our nut more nuttier than theirs????

Let me say this before I start this morning. Preacher Jones in Florida is a totally self centered idiot. His main concern is to bring light and glory to himself. Now, that is said, may I ask this. What makes him different from the Muslim nuts.

I haven’t heard him placed in the slot with any Muslim that burns our flag. What makes him different than the bastards that drug our troops behind trucks until their bodies fell apart. I see him as no crazier than the thugs that hung our troops from bridges.

I for one really don’t care if we offend them one way or the other.

I certainly don’t want to put one single troop in any more harms way. yet at the same time they seem to have no fear in offending us.

I know this country was build on tolerance or was it? Why didn’t we just simply keep paying a higher tax rather than offend the English king.

Again the man in Florida is a nut case. Still he isn’t doing any thing that isn’t done to us every day. Were was the Pope when all the other was happening.

I wouldn’t expect much different from a Muslim president. Yes I am in the 20% group that thinks he is a Muslim.

Finally, I say place all the extremest in one sack toss it around some and see which one falls out first.

Thats my .10 worth

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