Veteran’s Day 2010

I thought I would share a strange event in my life this morning. Before I get too deep into this event, that looking back on I would describe more as a nightmare than an event. I turned sixty-one last month. I am no longer a young man nor do I have the body I did when in my twenties. You will understand this disclosure more within the next few lines.

It was Veterans Day. I am a veteran myself but I still had to go to work. My wife who is not a veteran but a state employee was taking the day off for me. I am always amazed how those who have never served are willing to take the day off for those of us who have.

Any way I just got out of the shower. This morning I was drying my hair with a hair dryer. I normally don’t dry my hair. This day was going to be special and I wanted to look my very best.

After looking in the mirror I felt I looked as good as possible for a half asleep fat sixty-one year old man.

I was in the buff and walked into the bedroom where my wife was still sleeping. It was Veteran’s day after all. Why get up and go to a ceremony when you can sleep in. I walked to the side of the bed.

“Wake up sleepy head I have something to tell you.”

Yawning with her eyes still half closed she looked up at me. “What do you want?”

“I’m going to run through the neighbor buck naked this morning. I feel like I need to do something to celebrate Veteran’s Day.”

While wiping the sleep from her eyes she eased out of bed. “Just hold on a minute I will be right back.”

I was standing there thinking about what the neighbors would think when they saw me running down the street naked. I was also hoping it wasn’t to cool outside. If you have ever skinny-dipped in a cold creek you will understand my concerns.

A moment later my wife came back in the room with a bottle of Windex and several paper towels.

Squirt, squirt, wipe, wipe. Just like that it was over.

She smiled and said, “Now that I have got your streak off, put on your clothes and go to work.”

I guess it takes a wife to bring you back down to earth sometimes.

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