I think I am a libertarian. In fact I think I am such a libertarian that I may possibly make Sarah Pallin look like a liberal.

Just to give you a brief over view here is a little of what I think.

Airlines should decide how much security they want to have. For an example if airline (One) thinks the terrorist thing is blown out of proportion they could advertise no security checks at all before boarding. They would then place large signs around their gate areas that read. Board At Your Own Risk.

You check in and get in line to board. There is a man with a rather large object stuck down the front of his pants. You decide do I board or not. Tickets would be non refundable of course.

His friend would have on a build up shoe even though both his legs are the same link. His wife would look uncomfortable as she adjusts her huge 66-inch boobs.

Nobody looks inside anyone’s carryon. If the bag is too big and want fit simply leave the door open on the overhead compartment. This is freedom.

Airline (2) might run an ad that says they will guarantee you an explosive free flight up to fifty percent.

They would do a baggage check and make you walk through a metal detector. On this flight you still could talk on your cell phone while taking off and landing.

Airline (3) would require everything that is required today plus you would have to stand on your head while having a cavity search. They would have to give you in writing a guarantee that no one would blow you out of the air on your trip.

In short it should be up to the individual of just how much freedom they are willing to give up to be safe.

Don’t even ask me what I think of non-smoking areas.

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  1. Hickory Says:

    Every attempt to commit a terrorist act on an airliner that has been stopped was done so by the passengers. TSA has not stopped a single one. One effective method would be to place an armed guard on all large airliners. I mean a guard with his weapon displayed in the open.

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