Looking Back To Christmas revisited

Today is my last day to work this week. I will be off tomorrow for Christmas Eve. It will be the first Christmas Eve I have been off in years. If you are in retail you understand.

I have spent little money this year on Christmas. Odd the less I spend the more Christmas I find in my heart. I have had a great Christmas season this year. Out to supper with my kids and grandkids. We went and saw the Christmas Carroll. I am still not for sure if I spelled Carroll right.

We went to their house for Sunday dinner and then were able to go to Canton last night to see the lights. I will write more about Canton in a moment. We also went to a Christmas singing at church and also enjoyed a candle light service this past Sunday night. It is strange how wonderful Christmas becomes when you place Jesus and family at the top of your to do list at Christmas time.

I mentioned Canton. For you that are not from my neck of the woods Canton is about twenty miles north of Jackson, MS. I live about five miles south of Jackson. The little town calls itself the City of Lights and they hang s light on anything that will support a bulb. It is a beautiful little southern town that looks as if it was froze in time.

I spent my early years in a little town just like it. You are almost sure the Willie Morris and Skip might come around the corner at any time.

My grand kids were running around acting crazy just like I like it. A little revenge on their mother for how she used to be. No seriously it is more like being young and watching her and her brother all over again.

I was given a Christmas book by MS writes about ten years ago. I read it this time every year. I am down to the last two stories. Just as I planned it. The last is by Willie Morris and is called Christmas Revisited.

When I walk around Canton that is how it is to me. All my Christmas past all rolled into one package wrapped in white lights.

This will be my last blog till after Christmas.

I wish each of you a Merry Christmas and keep in your heart the real reason for Christmas.

The following is a story I place here last year. Hope you enjoy.

By gary Simmons
The Great Rudolph Hoax

I have always been under the impression that Rudolph the red noise reindeer was male.

I am sorry to be the one to have to tell you but he is actually a she. Yes, I know what you are thinking. What about his girl friend? Odds are his girl friend was actually her boy friend.

You see reindeer are different from other deer. Both sexes have antlers. In early summer, it is very difficult to tell the boys from the girls. Then boys doing what boys do, fight and such. This breaks theirs off over the next few months. The girls act more lady like so they keep theirs. They normally use theirs to forge for food in the snow and to help protect their babies.

You see by December only the females still have their racks. Take that statement any way your mind leads you.

Being only females have racks in December and Santa’s slay is pulled on the 24th and 25th Rudolph has to be Rudolphia.

Some of you ladies may find this a little easier to believe. After all Santa never gets lost and we all know that guys want stop and ask for directions.

For me I wish Christmas would hurry up and get here. I just can’t take any more of these revelations. The good news is that it will be here in 5 days.


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3 Comments on “Looking Back To Christmas revisited”

  1. […] by Gerald Rudolph Ford, and his women. Chamblee54 is skeptical about reports regarding the gender of the lead reindeer. PG suspects that a female would put powder on that nose, to take a bit of the […]

    • gary Simmons Says:

      Well, well,well, Chamblee, you just screwed up my thinking again. I thought I had this deer thing all figured out and you mention the powder. Of course you are right.

      Thanks for reading Buddy. Hope your holidays are great for you and yours.


  2. Hickory Says:

    Life would be an empty hull without Christmas. It is the sweet creamy filling of a wonderful treat at the end of the year.

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