It’s Monday the 27th of December. Christmas is officially over for another twelve months. I would dare say most are glad it is gone. We seem to get so into Christmas that it wears us out.

If there is one thing that is good about getting older it is this. You begin to place what is important on the top of the list. One thing I have placed at the top of mine is taking the time to visit the ghost of past Christmases.

Willey Morris who now himself is a ghost wrote a story about it.

For me it goes like this. At some time during the holidays I find a quiet place and remember all the ones that have left my life. This even includes a few dogs and a cat or two.

I often imagine heaven is like Christmas. I am enjoying a huge family Christmas get together. My grandparents all four setting at a table along with my wife’s parents our child that left this world all to soon. There will be my children and grandchildren. I can imagine even in heaven my wife wiping a spill somewhere and lots of laughing.

I can see Jesus setting on one end of the table laughing harder than anyone. He is teasing someone because they once got so mad at him.

The one being teased is laughing, “Well you had the advantage of knowing what was going to happen next.

I feel sorry for people that simply think this life is the best some big bang has to offer.

I know to them I must sound like a fool. Good thing about being a fool for Jesus you seem to always to be happy.

I know I am leaving myself wide open with that statement so I will close for now.

Hoped you all had a great Christmas. Now stop reading this blog and go back to work.


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