I came into work today not because I am a company man but because I am bored.

2010 ended with the tornadoes and the power being off at my house. The recording has now been updated to say that the power will not be restored to 8:00 tonight. That will put us 24 hours in the dark. The office has lights and a computer.

As I look back at 2010 I must say as crazy as it was it was it still was a year of nothing. Oh, there was lots of things said and done that will change the future but they did little to change 2010.

The giant health care bill is one thing. Just for the record I was against this giant mess of a bill. Still agree with it or not almost none went into effect the year it was created.

The two wars kept pretty well the same. Although there was much said about them. We supposedly pulled out of Iraq. I guess someone needs to inform the Air Force. My son-n-law is still flying supplies into Iraq on a regular basis and picking up wounded.

We heard all year the social security is broken. One of the last things that congress did during the lame duck session was pass a law to give everyone a social security holiday. Now go figure that one.

The Tea party screamed and hollered most of the year. They defeated many old heads and won several seats. Still it will be 2011 before they are sworn in. I voted along the Tea Party line. The next few months will tell if I was once again suckered.

People lost heir homes this year just as last. Just like last year the government gave the banks billions to help with the problem. The banks of course took the money and instantly started throwing people out.

Just like always we sent billions of dollars over seas in order for them to buy more American flags to burn.

We starred the year off not knowing if we elected an African or an American. Still don’t.

A few people died but not to many to cause a flag to be lowered. That was a good thing.

I started off fat and ended up fat.

I started off broke and pretty well ended up that way.

I think I am just going to write 2010 off as nothing special year. Not to horribly bad and certainly nothing wonderfully great.

Happy New years everyone and I hope your lights are on.

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