Snow and Tornadoes

It all started with a suggestion. The weatherman announced last Monday. We might be in for snow flurries by the weekend. That was all it took. Water started disappearing from grocery shelves.

On Tuesday it was said there was a chance that we would get at least a dusting.

On Wednesday batteries were following the water out the door.

Thursday they were saying it was no longer a maybe but a sure thing. Now there was no more soup to be found or any kind of bread. The rush was on.

In Mississippi all you have to do is give snow a 50% chance and you can clear out every grocery store in the area.

Yes, by Friday generator sales were up. I don’t know if Gabriel blowing the last trumpet could cause much more excitement than the word snow does here.

We aren’t as weather conscious as I may have you to believe we are though. I have been with customers in a total glassed in showroom with the tornadoes sirens blasting. They would ignore the rattling glass and still try to get another hundred dollars off.

We Mississippians will be driving down the road in March and see a fondle cloud and still pull in to a convenience store for gas and loaf of bread.

I suppose we all know someone who has been caught up in a tornado at some time. The truth is most of have been in a trailer house when a storm has set down with in a quarter-mile of us. I suppose you just don’t fear what you know.

Maybe we have figured out that there is a small chance we will be killed by a tornado or a hurricane some day.

A quarter-inch of snow though is something totally different. We don’t even seem to have any hope of surviving that.

In my area the snow never came. A precious little ice settled on the trees. The power never went off at my house. That is rather unusual with in it self. If there is lightning within ten miles of my house we lose power.

Still my wife, a state employee was told not to come to work before lunch and just about all the schools were shut down for the day. Several went ahead and announced they would close Tuesday also.

I went in to work thirty minute late and still almost made it on time. It was only a couple of Yankees and myself on the interstate. When they went speeding by me I called them show offs and hoped they would hit black ice. They didn’t of course because there was no ice of any color on the road. It was just another big winter event in Mississippi.

If you aren’t from the south come down this spring. I’ll show you people who have no fear of weather. They don’t call my area of the state tornado alley for nothing.

We think nothing of seeing a barn with cow in it fly over our heads. Still snow flurries put us in panic mode.

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