David Nelson

If you grew up in the fifties or sixties you most likely knew David Nelson. David died today. He was the oldest child of Ozzie and Harriet.

Ozzie produced and if I am not mistaken directed the Ozzie and Harriet show. As a little kid this show pointed out to me just what an un-normal life I really lived.

Ozzie went to work everyday in a suite and Ozzie cleaned the house in high heels and stockings. My Dad wore an old shirt to work and my mother wore shorts or pants. Most of the time she didn’t wear any shoes while in the house.

The Nelson’s had two perfectly dressed sons. One was Rickey who would someday become a rock star and die in a plane crash at a young age.

David, the other son seemed to have been born only to hold the spotlight on his younger brother. I use to feel sorry for poor David. I am sure it wasn’t what it looked like. Still David was never the star his brother was. He did go on to act in several movies and finally petered out. I suppose after all the family died out he was no longer wanted.

Another odd thing about the show was although Ozzie went to work everyday it was never clear to me what he did. It wouldn’t be anything unusual for him to pop up at the soda shop with his next-door neighbor in the middle of the afternoon. I am not for sure what the neighbor did for a living either.

I do know that Ozzie came home at night and drank a Coke then pulled off his work jacket and put on a sweater and set in the living room often enjoying his pipe.

Another sure sign my family was weird. My daddy came home and drank sweet tea and set in front of the window fan. It was no secret to where he worked either.

To make things even stranger my mother was never standing at the front door all dressed up saying. “Hello Dear.”

No wonder I have grown up to be such a twisted human being. I have lived a complete weird life.

Now if this doesn’t seem strange enough to destroy a young life allow me to add this.

It never snowed at our house at Christmas and we never went on sleigh rides out through the edge of the woods. If all this wasn’t bad enough I never remember once my family suddenly breaking out in song.

Any way. Good by David and see you later Bing.

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