Thin Blood vs Thick Blood

I read a short story not to long ago that took place back in the fifties in the Mississippi Delta. It was about a young black man who was getting ready to go north for a better life. He was actually going to St. Louise. If you are reading this and you are from the real north you are most likely chuckling right now.

The part that tickled me was the advice his grandmother was giving him. She was explaining that all southerner had thin blood and that Yankees had thick blood. The fact that his blood was thin could cause him to freeze to death in a matter of minutes if he got caught in some bad weather. She went on to explain that his Yankee cousins had developed thick blood over the last two or three generations and they could stand the cold.

I don’t know if our blood is different or not. I do know I don’t care for the cold weather. I never complain about the summer heat until it gets above a hundred degrees. Maybe that is because my thin blood begins to boil at that point.

I said all this to complain about the fact it has been in the teens here the last few nights. I bet my two friends in Canada think I have lost my mind. Our lows are most likely their highs.

That’s all right though. They have thick blood and they just don’t know it is cold outside.

I wonder when Yankees give blood does it take longer. You know like honey coming out of the squeeze bottle when it is cold.

Have a great day and keep warm with whatever blood you have. Oh, just one more thing. Can they mix Yankee blood and southern blood? If they did would you have to live somewhere in southern North Carolina?

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