Printer and Movies

There was once a man who had bought a computer and took it home. He like everyone was amazed at how simply the machine was to use. Actually he had waited for the invention of windows and for basic computer to be less than $2000.00.

After playing with his new toy for a week or so he decided he needed a printer. He went back down to the store and paid $500.00 for a basic printer. This anger the man greatly.

A few days later he took his fat girl friend to the movies. It cost ten bucks to get in. He was a reasonable fellow and thought to himself. This movie most likely cost several million dollars to make. Ten dollars for two isn’t that much to charge.

His fat girl friend wanted to stop at the concession stand. There they bought a bucket and a bag of popcorn a large and small drink and a box of milk duds for her of course. The man shelled out another $15.00.

As they set watching the movie the man thought. I just paid $15.00 for a quarters worth of popcorn and ten cents worth of soda water that was mostly ice and a nichole candy bar. With this in fresh on his mind the printer entered his thought.

The next day the man started to work on a cheap piece of crap printer. After a couple of calls to China the blue prints were stolen and all the high dollar medal was replaced with aluminum, copper and plastic.

He introduced his printer for 50% less than any one else. People flocked to the stores to get his printers. Just as they had flocked to the theater to see the latest release.

When they got home they realized they did not have a printer cord. When returning to the store they found out they had to buy them separate. It was a mere $100.00 plus tax. Guess who was making the printer cord. You guessed it. It was the inventor of the cheap printer.

After a few days they found they were out of ink. It seems the printers only came with samples in them. Colored ink was $100.00 and black was $75.00. Most people needed a cartridge of each. Bingo more money for our creative friend.

Everybody was now able to buy a cheap printer. The man was now financially able to feed his fat girl friend. The moral of the story.

If you are poor save your money for a good printer and find a skinny girl friend. You see most of us would have thought up this same idea but would have never had the guts to try it.

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