Slingshot Revenge

Hope you don’t mind a rerun today. It is after all Saturday and is typically a slow day in the blog world.

This was one of the most hit articles I have written so for. I wrote it almost two years ago and still there is seldom a day goes by that it isn’t read.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Slingshot Revenge

I have been shot in the butt with a BB gun, Hit in the elbow with a hard dirt clog, struck in the eye with a pine cone, and smashed in the face with a snowball. I want even discuss what I have had thrown at me in the barn. Still of all the things that people have attempted to take me out with I must say the Chinaberry was the most painful.

Chinaberries came from a Chinaberry tree. They were the size of small marbles and when dry just as hard.

You would often start at the Chinaberry tree to build your weapon of destruction. The Chinaberry tree was a gnarly tough tree crossed with a bush.

I believe if a tornado had came through and blew your house away along with any shade trees you could still find your home place. That is because the China Berry Tree would still be standing.

The idea was to sneak in the kitchen and find a biggest butcher knife you could. It would take all day to try to cut out a sling shot with a pocketknife.

Then you climbed around on the Chinaberry tree hoping it wouldn’t break with you until you found the perfect limb. This would be a branch that forked with two small branches about the same size.

If you made it this for without stabbing yourself with the knife you chopped off the branch and then threw the knife down. You did all this while hoping your mother didn’t walk around the corner and find you with her butcher knife.

You would then trim the handle and forks to resemble as close as possible an Y.

Next, you had to find an old inter tube. This could take another hour or so. No one ever said slingshots came easy. (By the way, boys’ back then called them slangshots) Once you found the inter tube you cut two 10 inch by a half ½ wide strips.

Now the hard part came in. You had to have a piece of leather. Not just any piece would do. The best was the top of two tongues from a pair of work boots.

This meant a trip to the dump down the road. This might take most of the afternoon. You have to understand when a boy starts digging through house hold trash he might run across a hundred things that need to be looked at and examined closer.

Often, before I found my leather I had a tidy stack of other treasures piled up.

A little string, sneak the knife back in the kitchen and you were ready to go.

It was always best to fill every pocket with Chinaberries.

The hunt was on. You might start by trying to shut a bird or a squirrel. If you had no luck, which I never did, there was always a street light to aim at. These were higher than my arm was strong.

Finally, you found the ultimate animal. Another human being. Preferably a friend that had caught you earlier in the summer by surprised and had tried his level best to blind you for life.

I can’t express the excitement of saying, “Surprise.”

The victim’s mouth is gapping open and he seems to be frozen in place watching the Chinaberry speed in his direction. Knowing there is nothing he can do to prevent the pain that will soon rack his body.

Yes for a ten-year-old boy there are many pleasures in life. Still none seem to be as wonderful as revenge.

I have attached a picture to give you an idea what a slingshot might look like. I don’t remember any of mine looking this professional though. Still they were deadly in the hands of a kid out to find a little revenge.

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