Are you old enough to remember much about the number one.

When I was growing up we had one bathroom. ( our neighbors up the road didn’t have one.)

For years we only had one television.

Even after getting off the party line we only had one phone.

Only rich people had a extension. (cell phone was on Dick Tracey’s arm in the movies)

Houses back then had one car garages.

That was because families only had one car.

Way back then you were only allowed one mother or father.

I never new any one with gay parents.

You had one good pair of shoes and one pair to play and work in.

I didn’t know any one with more than one coat.

The school I went to only had one teacher for the first and second grade.

She took turns teaching the two different sides of the room.

Believe it or not most people could claim only one marriage.

One set of glasses.

One air conditioner and it hung out the living room window. You wanted the world to know you were cool after all.

One lawn mower no trimmer, weed eater, leaf blower, or any thing to ride.

Actually I was a teenager and listening to the radio one day when I found out that 1 was the MOST lonely number of the all.

Drop me aline and share your one.

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