I suppose today proves one point. I actually do write about what ever crosses my mind. I was thinking that today is Tuesday. We as Americans most likely use this day more than any other to work.

Think about it. I use to go to a sales meeting every Monday morning. Everyone was in a bad mood. Either they hadn’t finished up what they started over the weekend or it just wasn’t long enough to satisfy them. Some of the guys were still sick from the hang over they had suffered on Sunday. I don’t have to go on. You most likely have seen such weird behavior in the work place yourself.

Wednesday is the middle of the week. Most of the day people are thinking they have made it halfway now. Some are thinking about pot luck supper at church. Wednesday just isn’t a good day to work.

Thursday, finally gets here. It is called hump day. They talk about hump day all day on the radio. Just make it through today and it will be Friday at long last. This is the day you take a long lunch hour to run all you errands. Today is the day that you most likely interview for another job. You might even spend a little more time reading Face-book today on company time.

Friday unofficially begins the weekend. Your boss doesn’t think so but he has no idea about the real world. He has no personal life and can never understand the needs of someone that does. Yes if not physically, surely mentally Friday is the first day of the weekend.

Now for Tuesday. Nothing exciting ever happens on Tuesday. There is seldom ever a holiday that even arrives on Tuesday. No one starts a vacation on Tuesday. Most of us are over the weekend by Tuesday.

With all this said Tuesday is the unofficial work day for America. If you ever by a car or major appliance you should pray it was assembled on a Tuesday. Have you ever noticed some cars last longer than others. I am convinced they were birthed on a Tuesday.

 If the grass is greener on the other side of the fence,…….. you can bet the water bill is higher. 

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    i think your rss feed is not working

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