I love the news. I watch it at 6:00 PM when I am at home and then again at 10:00. I normally eat a bagel and have a cup of tea with Robin and George each morning. The first thing I do is read the Drudge when I get to work. I don’t know but I may be addicted to news.

Now my question for myself as well as you my wonderful readers. Do I need to know all this?

Is it necessary for me to see a pool of blood from a dead gang member and then see his mother screaming about her baby before going to bed at night.

Does it do me any good to know that the price of oil is going through the roof. After all I will find out on my own at the pump within a few days. By knowing before then I simply add a few more days to the frustration.

Does it help me to know that the world is a cruel place were children and animals are beaten molested and killed daily. Does it help that I hear about these horrid detail everyday by some person on TV or read about it on the computer.

As for as that goes do I need to know that a storm just set down one block from my house but is now going the other direction.

What about that the snow that stopped ten miles from my house and we aren’t going to get a flake.

Finally, do I really need to know that Michele Obama had spare ribs the other day.

In all honesty, I love fat and don’t always do everything I advice other people to do either.

The bottom line, does the news do us more good or more harm.

It does not make any difference for me. I am addicted and I don’t think I can kick the habit.

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