Dear President Obama,

I have watched you make many decisions since going into office. I must say the most of them I didn’t agree with. Yet for the most part I understood them. They either helped your party or you personally. I understand that you feel you have acted on the behalf of the people that elected you.

I really don’t even have a problem with that. I have voted for the Tea Party candidate as much as possible as of late. I would be very disappointed if they did any thing less than what they said they would do. I am sure your party feels the same.

With this said though I heard you announce something that I can’t see how is going to help anyone. You stated that you were for sanctions against the mad man of Libya and his crazy family.

He has announced on live TV that he plans to go down in a blaze of glory and another time said he would die like his hero, Hitler.

My question is if he doesn’t plan on living for more than another week or so how is freezing his checking account within the next few weeks going to stop any thing.

My next question is why bother to support either side. If he manages to stay in office he will blame all his problems on the US and Israel. If he is defeated the people of Libya will hate us for sticking our noise in their business.

In my small world if I am not invited to a party it means that I am not welcome. You should understand that after getting the snub in England.

If the people of Libya are successful in throwing Hitler Jr. out of office it is an excepted fact this will be followed by huge tribal fights. Which tribe will you decide to take up with then.

If you haven’t figured it out yet there is no end to the fighting. Yet Sir, there is a end to the money it take to keep all these wars going. Not to mention the rebuilding afterwords.

Just once, why don’t you save yourself the embarrassment an us the tax payers the money.

By doing this it would be a win win for everyone. The country wouldn’t go broke as fast and you could have even bigger parties on our dime.

A proud Tea Part Supporter,

Gary Simmons

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