I Don’t Understand

I live in a metropolitan area . Our total population is 539,000 people. Now with that in mind look where these people work or don’t work. Some of these numbers are estimates or rounded off to the nearest 1000. Still all in all they are accurate enough for what I want to share with you.

Keep in mind we are the state capitol so this will explain away some of these figures. Still though someone has to be producing something to keep everyone else a float.

When I was a kid towns and even cities were built around smoke stacks. People build things and that was what supported everything. For the life of me I can’t see how everyone can simply be a support for someone else.

539,000 total population
215,000 adults
53,000 not working and is drawing some form of government check
45,000 work in either retail or wholesale
25,000 work for government (I truly believe this is a low number.) We have three Sheriff departments and nine separate police departments. Still crime is through the roof. This doesn’t include federal marshals, state police,FBI,Weight and scale police, Highway patrol and so on.
40,000 go to college. Still we are on the bottom of education with 126 institutes claiming to be colleges or Universities educating us. If this sounds hard to believe simply check the yellow pages.
20,000 are service people. Painters plumbers, beauty shop operators etc.
30,000 retired strictly an estimate

2,000 are left to actually make something. Or one person is left to support 2,695 people. Say my numbers are off by 50%. They aren’t but say they are. Then that leaves one person taking care of 1,345 people. Someone please tell me how this is possible.

Does anyone remember the great .com crash?

I bet if you took a pencil and paper alone with the yellow pages your town would look much like mine.

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