What was the opening lines of A Tale of Two Cities. If memory serve me right it went something like this.

“It was the best of times and the worse of times.”

That pretty well sums up my trip to Atlanta this weekend. I must say though the best really did far out weigh the worse.

A few months ago we bought tickets to the Passion Play. First Baptist Church of Atlanta has put this on for 37 years. We went to the next to last performance they would ever do.

The play was great and Atlanta is a very clean city as cities go.

They don’t use much spice on their food. After springing for a hundred dollar meal I left hungry.

My main complaint though was all the tipping. That to was my fault. It was a weekend trip and we had never been to Atlanta. We took a room down town by the Olympic Park. Great view and very nice room.

Fortunately, we had paid for the room and tickets weeks earlier. If not then this may have been a letter begging for money to get us out of the poor house in Atlanta.

$40.00 for two nights parking. $5.00 to the boy to park the car and carry the bags to the front desk. $2.00 for the next guy to take them upstairs. $2.00 each time you got your car out and $2.00 each time you brought it back. $5.00 tip at the bar. $15.00 at the restaurant. A tip every time you blinked in the hotel.

$5.00 tip both directions on the cab. $2.00 for the old lady in a wheel chair begging in the park. $1.00 for the guy that look like he would take your wallet if you said no to his pleading. Trust me it goes on and on.

Still with all this complaining allow me to say it was a great trip. The play was much better than I expected and we went to FBA Sunday morning and heard Charles Stanley speak. He is much older looking in person than he looks on TV. He seemed frail to me. Still he was as sharp as a fresh honed knife blade.

Later this summer we will go to the coast for a few days. No ballet parking no assistants of any kind. Stand in line at the local restaurant for a hour to get some broil fish cooked on a cedar plank. We’ll have to pick up our own clothes and there will be no taxicabs.

Maybe Atlanta was all good after all.

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3 Comments on “ATLANTA”

  1. chamblee54 Says:

    Downtown is just about the worst place you could have stayed. There are hundreds of hotels around the perimeter with free parking, and no degenerates in the front yard.
    This was an excellent weekend to be here. The Dogwood Festival and the 420 festival were great excuses to get out in the sunshine. Listening to Charles Stanley is just about the last thing I would want to do on a day like yesterday. Still, it’s a free country, and thats your choice.

    • gary Simmons Says:

      My friend, if I had only read the last two lines I would have known it was you. lol I should have looked you up while I was there.

      Again, it was a little expensive but it was fun. Oh the name of the restaurant was Ray’s in The City.Suppose to have been voted best in Atlanta for seafood. Ever heard of it?

  2. chamblee54 Says:

    Ray has a chain of restaurants. I have never heard of the one in “the city”.
    After the 420 festival Sunday, I ate at La Fonda Latina, a little place in an old gas station. I had a yummy mexican dinner for $9.00.
    My family went to First Baptist when I was little, before Dr. Stanley took over. My mother never did care for him, for reasons that escape me. They sold the midtown property and built a palace on I285, near where I live now. I was working across the street when the tore down the Peachtree Street facility, and even got some brick scraps off the sidewalk.

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