The Blonde and the Mattress

A woman (possibly a blonde)was riding down the road applying her morning make-up when she ran over a mattress. She felt a slight bump but thought nothing of it. She in her wisdom decided not to worry — and kept on driving.

The mattress caught on the undercarriage of her car.

The ensuing jumble finally whipped around enough to tear a hole in her fuel tank.

The Subsequent lack of fuel Is what finally brought her vehicle to its knees.

She had still managed to drive 30 miles with a 60-pound tangle of stuff wrapped around her drive shaft.

She had the car towed to a near by shop and complained about the car didn’t get good gas mileage. She also mentioned it had a “Sort Of Shimmy” when driving at high speeds.

Below are the photos of what was found to be causing the shimmy.

“Sort Of A Shimmy” — I’ll Bet It Did!

I worked at a mattress store once upon a time. You wouldn’t believe how may people insist on tying their own mattress down.

Everybody have a great day and watch the road.

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