I am sick of hearing about Obama. Yes, he made the right call and I am glad he did. Now I am afraid he is going to spring his arm patting his own self on the back.

Unless I missed something, it was navy seals that went in. In all reality the dog they took did more work than the president.

Either which way it is over now. In case Mr. Obama hasn’t notice unemployment was up again this week. That in itself is fuzzy math. How can you put on 100’s of thousands of jobs and the % still goes up.

Oh, by the way as of yesterday one out of seven Americans were on food stamps. Then there is the debt ceiling.

Now, to get this thing going lets all stand in the street at 1:00 on mothers day and say, “Great job Sir. After all even your mother can’t hold a candle to this Muslim god we elected to office.

Maybe then and only then will he get off his ass and stop patting himself on the back and start doing something else.

He can be consoled by the fact that CNN and the other liberals will keep playing the films over and over. Even if it means breaking in on coverage of the fire that burns DOWN Washington.

One thing about a liberal, you don’t have to tell them how great they are. They will tell you.

Did any one see our beloved president turn his back to the lady that lost a pilot brother during 911.

She didn’t know it had nothing to do with her brother or any of the survivors. It was all about Mr. Obama. After all a subject never ask the king for a favor without having a appointment.

In the old testament the Jewish people begged for a king of their very own. God granted their prayer.
Their new king treated them like trash.

We ask for a black man from no where that talked good. He granted our prayer. Like the Jews I think most regret asking now.

Our new king treats us like trash.


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