Arguing present participle of ar·gue (Verb)
1. Give reasons or cite evidence in support of an idea, action, or theory, typically with the aim of persuading others to share one’s view.
2. Persuade someone to do or not to do (something) by giving reasons: “I tried to argue him out of it”.

I like Mr. Webster’s definition of arguing. I have learned a lot about arguing over the years. The first and most important thing I have learned is to never, ever argue with a fool. He or she will get mad and you will accomplish nothing. You see a fool never uses facts in their arguments. Instead their arguments are filled with emotions.

When you argue with emotions then you have to always be right. After all you feel right and if anyone disagrees with you then they are personally offending you. With this said just remember if you argue with a fool the end result will never be good. In fact the thing you are arguing about will seldom ever be settled.

Fools really don’t like to argue. When they do they feel less intelligent than the person they are arguing with.

When two people argue and their arguments are built on logic,solid theory and evidence the outcome is often a win, win for both parties.

A few things that aren’t fools or foolish that you shouldn’t argue with is the following.

A Jehovah Witness. Most of the time they know more about what they believe than you know about what you believe. Smile, say, “No thank you and shut the door.”

The wind, no matter how much logic and theory you come up with it is still going to blow.

Your mother, even when she is wrong ,she is still right because she is your mother. She gave birth to you not the other way around.

Your wife, at some point feelings are going to inter in the argument. Maybe from her maybe from you. In the end there will be at least one fool maybe two in the argument. Read above about a fool arguing.

Your preacher, Just find another church. It will be better for everybody.

Then there are the last two. Taxes, one way or the other you will wind up paying them. Death, I don’t know any one that has ever made the Reaper change his mind.


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