If they had meeting for such things I would have to stand up and say.

“Hello, my name is Gary, and I am a News Junkie.”

I am sure we don’t have group meetings yet because Dr. Phil hasn’t thought up a proper name for us yet.

Thank goodness for the small things in life.

One thing as a news junkie I have noticed. Nothing seems to happen much on the weekend. Yes, I know storms and floods and the such don’t take the weekend off. The Mississippi flooding as I write speaks to that.

No, what I am talking about is man-made news. The last time any thing really world shaking happen on a weekend that I am aware of was the attack on Pearl Harbor. If you think about it. That was a brilliant move by the Japanese. I didn’t say I liked it. I simply think they were smart to do it on a Sunday.

There is not much happening on the weekends because everyone who is anybody is off work. That only leaves a skeleton crew back at the office to start wars and such. These few guys and girls aren’t into any thing that takes a lot of time and energy. They are mad that they had to work instead of cooking out or going swimming with their friends.

Thank for a second about Pearl Harbor. All the big shots were either in church, nursing a hang over or simply sleeping late. Then there was that one Top Sargent laying on the beach with his CO’s wife. There was no one to make an instant decision. The private, the Buck Sargent and the first Lt. that were the only ones on duty. They certainly wasn’t going to start pushing buttons. I don’t blame them either. How would you like it to go down in history that you pvt. Such and Such screwed the whole war effort up.

You are most likely wondering were all this is going. After thinking about this for the last fifteen minutes. I have decided we the people of the world should give all the decision makers a thirty-day paid vacation.

We would save billions a day and Death for the most part could truly take a holiday.

Just something to think about this Monday morning.

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