Debt Ceiling, the little nasty secret of Washington

As I confessed yesterday I am a news junkie. Now with that said allow me to ask you a couple of questions.

For days we have heard every detail of the Ben-Laden’s capture. I confess I enjoy hearing it also. Now we are hearing about the ex-governor of California who was the weakest of the weak Republicans is separating from his wife of twenty-five years. She was of course from the Kennedy Klan and a die-hard democrat. Makes for great news I guess.

Just before this we spent a good week seeing nothing but a wedding in England. I enjoyed some of it. Got a little old after a while.

Then came the Great Mississippi Flood.

With the exception of the people who lived on the Mississippi how much has any of this impacted your life.

During all this, a battle was brewing in Washington that no one seems to pay any attention to. Yet, the outcome of this very under reported news is going to change every person’s life in America.

I am talking about the debt ceiling.

I promise you this. It is going to have a major effect on your life in the very near future no matter what the outcome may be.

You see this country is broke. The only thing we have left is our good name and the ability to borrow money.

Just like many of us have made stupid financial decisions in our life. So have our elected officials. The exception is they made bad decisions with our money.

If Boehner gets even one-fourth of what he wants someone is going to be in terrible trouble. He is saying that we have to cut spending. Sounds pretty good to me. That is what we have been doing at my house for the last three or so years.

Now, allow me to explain this in turns we can all understand.

Your neighbor’s house burns down. Your wife and yourself feel terrible for them and go take your own savings to help get them back on their feet.

A few months pass and your other neighbor’s house burns down. You have no more savings so you go the bank and borrow money to get them on their feet. A few months later your house burns down. You go to the bank and hear that you are over extended. You have to do something so you go to a small loan company and borrow at double the rate the bank is charging.

They cut your hours at work and now you can’t make your payments. The bank and the finance company argue over your house and property. Mean while you are on the street.

That is actually what has happen to the USA. We have helped our neighbors around the world to the point that we are busted. We have supported everyone and any one whom doesn’t want to work. We have taken our citizen’s saving accounts, social security and gave it to people who never put any thing in.

Now, we are at the point of having to increase our debt ceiling. If we do our credit rating is going to drop and we are going to simply be trying to pay the interest on what we already owe. Soon and very soon just like the family paying the minimum on their credit cards we are going to go bankrupt.

Then no one gets any help.

If we follow Boehner’s advice someone right now is going to have to suffer. It maybe storm victims or some other natural occurrence. It will be social security for sure. We might even have to scale back our world-wide police force. Who knows we might not be able to support every pregnant non wedded girl in the country. The illegals could be left to fend for themselves. If these last couple of suggestions make you think it is not a bad idea. Remember the real needy will suffer right along with them.

There just want be enough money left to pay our house note and certainly not enough to help any one else.

Just be assured one way or the other in the following months your life is going to change.

The laws that govern your economics are the same ones that are firmly in place with the government.

Please tell me I am wrong and how.

I desperately want to be happy and smile. I also want to look toward Washington and think the money will never run out. After all I am an American. I was guaranteed happiness at birth, right?

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One Comment on “Debt Ceiling, the little nasty secret of Washington”

  1. Steve Says:

    You are not wrong. Any person who can think clearly, without a liberal bias, can see the storm on the horizon.

    By the way, to answer your last question, you were not guaranteed a right to happiness at birth. Our founding fathers continually pointed out that freedom had to be earned everyday. If you don’t work for something, it is worthless. Many of us in this country have lost this concept.

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