Growing Old and Becoming Young

I have written on aging before on this blog. I normally complain about it because it just ain’t’ what its cracked up to be.

After thinking about the good and bad allow me to share a few things I have discovered.

First, if you ever find a grouchy, selfish, self centered old person. Age didn’t make them that way. They most likely they were grouchy,self centered young people in their earlier life.

We are grown once and babies twice.

Old ladies often set with their legs gaped wide open showing the world their privates. Bet, when they were little girls setting in church their mothers was always pulling their dresses down.

Old men often scratch themselves in public and think nothing of it. Little boys often scratch themselves and think nothing of it. Excuse me just a second. I am going to scratch myself.

Now, that feels much better.

Little kids have no secrets and they keep no secrets. They really aren’t concerned about what people think of them. Old people could care less what people think of them. After all who do they want to impress.

Old people often loose their memories. Ask a kid who did that or what were you doing. The average answer is, “I don’t know.”

See how much they are a like?

Little kids can’t drive or at least shouldn’t be allowed to. Old people are right there with them.

Little kids often spoil their pants. Damn, I know why I was itching now.

When you get to a certain age you can tell the world to kiss what you can’t and mean it. Here are a few people that have reached that wonderful age. I am much closer to that age than I am the other so prepare yourself world. Soon and very soon, I am going to tell you to kiss what I just scratched.

Then there is my personal favorite

Be careful how you treat your children. They will be the ones to select your nursing home.

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