It was the first cold day of fall that year. The temperature was hovering in the low 40’s with a promise of the first freeze of the year to occur that night.

Mary, a very lonely young maiden had just stepped off the main road and onto the final path to her cottage.

A sparkle in the shallow ditch running along the pathway caught her eye. She bent down to see a very poisonous, yet beautiful snake lying half-frozen to death.

The snake looked as Mary felt. She couldn’t help herself when she reached down and picked the beautiful gold and black serpent up.

He was so cold he barely moved. Partly from the empty place in her heart and partially out of compassion she decided to take the poor creature home.

She laid the snake on her warm hearth and stirred the fire. She then went to the kitchen and made her self a hot cup of tea and her guest a bowl of warm milk. When she returned she was delighted to see that the warmth from the fire was giving a second life to her new-found friend.

After they both had taken their nourishment Mary reached down and placed the snake in her lap. It coiled up and seem to be quiet content in its bed.

After enjoying the warm fire and tea, plus company for the first time in what seemed forever, Mary fell into a deep sleep.

She suddenly felt an excruciating pain above her breast. She awoke to see that the snake had dug his fangs deep into her. She could feel the poison raising to her heart. She stared down at the snake barely able to whisper her last word.


The snake finished with his kill looked up at the young woman and said, “Fool, you knew what I was when you picked me up.

Story sounds stupid. Maybe, maybe not. How many of us have taken a job knowing better. Become friends with someone who had a lot going for them but also had a lot going against them. Voted for someone hopping they would change when they got in office.

I even knew a woman once that met a man in a bar. He was drunk and had been drunk ever night for as long as most could remember. Yet, she thought he would stop drinking once they got married.

See, Mary didn’t do any thing that most of us haven’t done at one point in our life.

The moral of the story. You really can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear no matter how hard you try.

Another words almost everyone finally reverts back to their on nature after a reasonable amount to time.

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