Have you ever known someone who wanted to help you when you really didn’t want any help.

Here is a few examples.

You need to think some things through and you need some time alone to do this. They think you are lonely and need company. They barge in and stay in your face, stopping you from solving your problem.

You simply aren’t hungry for some reason. They think you should be any way and insist on buying you lunch.

You are quiet because you are tired or talked out. They decide you are depressed and the best way to bring you around is to get you talking.

You just lost something very dear to you. They pat you on the back and say, “I know just how you feel.” This of course is B.S. No one knows exactly how you feel.

I bet you could add to this list without any trouble. These people I am talking about are M&M carers.

If you could see these people for what they really are. They would be a mass of self piety,self-interest and nosy. Then they would have a light coat covering all of this made of good intentions.

You see down deep they want to feel good that they are helping someone. Even if that someone doesn’t need or want their help.

I am reading a book and the main charter has just found out that he has become a M&M.

After finally seeing what he was doing this is what he had to say.

“The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. I have just build a freeway.”

Remember most of the time, No Thank You, means no thank you.

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One Comment on “M&M PEOPLE”

  1. Sometimes it is hard to remember…but if we could ONLY remember to listen to the answer they give to the question…. Good insight.

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