Weiner gets caught having an affair on-line.

Gets on TV with wife in hand and a tear in his eye.

Admits he just simply has an over abundance of male hormones.

Winks at lady reporter on front row. She smiles back.

Goes on all the talk shows and explains he can’t help it. Oprah nods and pats him on knee. He looks at Oprah with that are you intersed look.

Calls in at least three well-known preachers. Two of them have been caught in affairs themselves.

Goes to a celebrity dry out house. Is tapped screaming I got to have some. Gets thousand of pieces of fan mail for women who think they can help the young rich congressman out.

Finished up rehab and goes to lunch with Nancy Polisi. Nancy announces the next day with a contended smile that boys will be boys and all is forgiven.

A few months later Weiner’s wife don’t look too attractive all pregnant. Weiner eases back in his office and fires up the old computer.

Bubba gets caught on a 1-800 chat line.

Wife claws a real tears plus part of his eye-ball out.

Swears up and down that he simply mis-dialed the number and couldn’t figure how to get the woman on the other end to hush.

Sees his wife’s best friend the next day. Holds his head down in shame.

Goes down to pool hall and warns all his friend to not use a shared credit card when calling 1-800 numbers.

Another buddy who is missing part of his ear from a human bite nods in agreement.

Goes sees the preacher. Is told he is a pervert and should be happy his wife didn’t kill him. Also explained that hell was full of people like him.

Goes home cleans the house trailer, irons his own overalls and takes the girls to the mall. ( He hates going to the mall)

On way home stops at Kroger’s and buys some roses. Gets home and begs for forgiveness. Really means it.

Gets put on a 3 month trial period.

Bubba is happy and want be that stupid again.

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2 Comments on “WEINER vs BUBBA”

  1. It is said that the true sign of intellence is the ability to learn from mistakes….sounds like Bubba is more intellegent than our infamous congressman….

  2. gary Simmons Says:

    Bubba knows when he has got a good thing going.

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