What do you think about life coaches and life books? They both want to explain how to get more out of life. Do you ever feel like your life is out of control, and everyone else seems to have a handle on theirs?

Do yourself a favor and read the Book of Ecclesiastes. It’s over around psalms and proverbs if you haven’t been there lately.

Solomon wrote short and to the point on how he saw life. It was interesting that he was an old man when he penned this. He was looking back and not forward. Remember he was the wisest man who ever lived. The way I read it. Life at best is a mess. It can go down hill in a moment. He does make it clear though even at its worse it is still worth living.

He wrote at one point it was better to be a living dog rather than a dead lion.

Alright, let’s get back to my question. If Solomon couldn’t figure out life, how is some nut on the TV going to?

Tomorrow I will give you the answer to true happiness It will not be what you think.

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