The Death of Mary Jane Jones

One day Bubba is setting at home watching the Saints play ball. He has the house to himself and is totally enjoying the solitude. Mary Jane has gone down to Wal-mart. Bubba knows she will be gone until after the game. The kids are all over at their Aunt’s house for the afternoon. Things simply can’t get any better.

“Touch down!” The announcer screams as if he had made the catch himself. Bubba jumps up, and his beer goes one way and the sack of Diorites fly the other.

Finally, after the Saints get the extra point and placed themselves in a good position on the score board Bubba eases back down in his chair. Before he can get settled in there is a knock at the door.

Bubba cusses under his breath, and for the first time wishes one of the boys was at home to answer the door. Before he can make it to the door, there is another knock. The second knock is louder and more impatient sounding than the first.

When he opens the door there stands two large deputy sheriffs.

Bubba says, “What has them boys gone and done now?”

The bigger of the two deputies seems to ignore Bubba and ask to see a picture of Mary Jane.

“What you need a picture of my wife for?”

“Please Mr. Jones surely you have a picture of your wife.”

“Course I do.” Bubba then fishes a picture of Mary Jane out of his wallet.

“Here you go. Now what is this all about?”

The first deputy studied the picture a moment and then passed it to the junior officer. Both looked at each other, as if they were in agreement.

“Mr. Jones I hate to be the one that says this, but it looks like a truck ran over your wife.”

Bubba frowns. “I know it does but she has a great personality, and their ain’t no one in the county that can out cook her.”

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4 Comments on “The Death of Mary Jane Jones”

  1. Gail Says:

    poor ole Bubba…must have left his brains in the other room….

  2. chamblee54 Says:

    There are lots of Mississippi people here. It rubs off.
    There are lots of people from everywhere here. The next zip code over is 90% hispanic.

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