Skeletons Politicians Ancient Modern

If you have read this blog for any length of time. You know that I wonder about many weird things. One thing I have always pondered is. When did the first politician stick his head up his own butt and then try to make a decision?

I have actually spent much time researching this subject. The other day when I was deep into the internet, I ran across this picture. It is a Skelton of a man who lived at least three thousand years ago.

I still don’t know when the first person stuck his head up his butt, but I do know now that politicians have been doing it for at least three thousand years.

Just think what they will find a thousand years from now when they start to dig in the area that is now Washington DC.

I would like to be a round to see the expression on their faces. I would especially like to see it when they discover one of those big headed senators. Course Harry Reid with his pen head most likely want be that amazing looking.

What about that big head of Newt’s. That one will get some attention.

I wonder when they find Obama’s skelton will there be an extra head belonging to one of the CNN reporters?

Just wondering.

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