The Mood Ring

Alright; here is a little something about my personal life. My wife is a very moody person. Although we have been married for forty years I still have problems telling what mood she is in. This often causes problems at my house. I will be picking at her and she will be mad. I don’t even know until it is too late and we are in a big argument.

I am always thinking out of the box. The other day I bought her a mood ring. When it turns green she is in a great mood. Later I found out when I have a red spot on my forehead she is most likely in a bad mood.

This is normally followed with. “I wanted a diamond ring not this dime store thing.

Maybe thinking out of the box isn’t always teh best way to go.

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One Comment on “The Mood Ring”

  1. Gail Says:

    Lesson #1 in the battle of the sexes…Diamonds are HARDLY ever wrong….
    Lesson #2 remember lesson #1….

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