Yes, trains, elevators,escalators and much more have I rode on my magical trip to and from New York City.

You see most days I take one of my old clunkers home, that needs driving, so my transportation at best, is uneventful. There are no elevators in my small town and just a few in the next large city. We tend to grow out and not up in this part of the country.

Let me see now. We left home at four A.M. Friday morning in my wife’s car. She drove us to the car lot. I am seldom allowed to drive her car. There we met my sister and brother and law in their suburban and went to the airport.

There we boarded what I call a medium size plane. At Atlanta we got on a really big wide body jet. At New York we met a black Cadillac SUV. Driver and all. Let me clue you in on why you should check around before setting up ground transportation in New York. The trip from the airport to the hotel was $160.00. The trip back after talking to the right person was $40.00. Never be scared to say is that the best you can do.

A the hotel. we rode an elevator seven floors to our room. This would be one of many elevator rides we would take on our visit.

Next we took a short walk and climbed on a double-deck tour bus. From the Rockettes we rode a town car back to the hotel. The next day we rode escalators all the way to the top floor of Macy’s and later four levels under ground to the subways. Of course we rode the subway. One afternoon we rode the ferry across to Staten Island.

The last morning we got up before day light and rode a yellow taxi over to see Regis and Kelly tape a morning show. I guess I should say Kelly minus Regis. He has gone on to greener pastures.

Then a Lincoln SUV took us to the airport. This time the plane wasn’t as big and when we arrived at Atlanta we were forced to take the tram over to the other side. There we climbed on a jet that wasn’t much larger than a crop duster and flew back to Jackson. Back in my sister’s SUV then to my Wife’s car. She brought me in this morning. As of now I am back in a 1999 Ford F150 with a hand shaker.

Easy come easy go I always say.

Next time maybe I will tell you about all the great people we met in New York. Who ever said the natives aren’t friendly needs to go with us the next time.

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