Bubba Clause

Bubba Clause is now helping Santa out in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas and northern Florida. If you have been bad,expect a pile of empty Bud cans under the tree. The sleigh and presents are now under the protection of Smith and Wesson.

You all need to start sending yore  Christmas list to.

Bubba Clause

Possum Neck, MS

If Bubba Clause runs a little late this year you might check down the road at your local honky-tonk. Sorry Bubba don’t put together nothen’. Also he ask that you put that there for out before going to bed. Alcohol and flames don’t mix. We all want to have a safe Christmas. I knows you would feel bad ifn’ Bubba Clause exploded in yore chimney.

You all have yore fat little old selves a real Merry Christmas, Hear now.


No cookies and milk. A beer would be nice but ifn’ you are Southern Baptist then a glass of sweet tea will do jest fine.

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One Comment on “Bubba Clause”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    ha, or should I say HeHaw?

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