My New Years Resolution

My New years resolution is a simple one this year. At least it is simple to write. The fact is I have never been able to keep this resolution.

My resolution is to bridle my tongue. Sounds simple. The psalms say you can bridle a wild stallion easier and I totally agree.

I have tried before and always fail. Out of nowhere for no reason I find myself saying something that is completely unnecessary. Often it is something hurtful to someone else.

The crazy thing about this is that it always comes back to haunt me. Such a simple thing yet so difficult.

Any of you that pray. Please feel free to mention me and my struggle. If you don’t  a positive thought in my direction would be appreciated.

Jesus said he wanted it all. Well, this is one part I have never been able to give all.

I will stop here and maybe I will go attach a clothes pen to my tongue. It is very strong little muscle though. It most likely want do any good.

PS. Sorry I know a lot of you was hoping I would take spelling lessons.

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