Stuck in a rut?


Move. Belief it or not, things don’t change much in the rut.


How many people do you know that have spent a life time in a dead-end job wondering why they can’t advance. The answer is simple. You are working a dead-end job. Go find another one.


I am saying this with a life of experience behind me. There have been several times in my life that I have been stuck in a rut. It was normally my wife who said, “Get your ass up and move. It isn’t anything but mud down there.


Yes, I was in a rut but for the most part. Still, it was a comfortable rut. I knew everyone in it and we all shared the same dislikes of the rut. We would sit around for hours complaining about our situation.


I just read a book about a black girl back in the 60s. She was born with a great musical mind. However, the people in colored town, could not care less. They saw it of nothing special. Before she could accomplish her goals she had to move. She kissed butt and worked two jobs. She was willing to do whatever it took to get across the tracks.


People have starved to death for years in West Virginia coal mining country. Guess what they aren’t making any more coal. Either they must move and go to work for McDonald’s in Virginia or keep on asking charities to feed their kids.


Something else about being stuck in a rut. Your friends like you there. This means you must go and find some new ones. Find people who are already doing what you want to do.


Don’t ask your financially distressed friends for money advice. They no less about the subject than you do.


Interested in becoming a cop? Hang around some do-nut shops. You might meet someone willing to give you a hand up.


If you want to be a deep-sea diver Pack up and go to the coast, there is no demand for deep-sea divers in Missouri.


If you say you can’t afford to move you are really saying you like the rut.


Show me a man who is thirsty, and I will show you a man who is soon going to find a way to get water.


It is a new year. Make up your mind. Either lay down in the rut and say I love it here or take my wife’s advice and get off your lazy ass and move over a foot. I promise the ground will be totally different there.


The book I just finished, “KING OF COLOR TOWN” was a very raw story about a girl who refused to look back. I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. Some people view raw as gross or vulgar. I am that way on most things. Still, I chose to call this book raw.


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3 Comments on “STUCK IN A RUT”

  1. Gail Says:

    food for thought…Thanks Gary

  2. Loving the info on this website, you have done outstanding job on the articles.

  3. poppinsblack Says:

    Finally some brutal truth common sense about being stuck and how to get out of the rut. If you feel like a lot more of this check out Venus Cow- free life coaching. Love, love your post and keep listening to your wife:)

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