The Debates

What has and has not been learned in the debates


First, if you are running for president you should not know how to make money. You should happily pay your share of taxes and then add a bunch more to the amount owed. This will prove you regretted making any in the first place.

If you have been married before, it is more important to hear what your ex-wife has to say than what you have to say. If you don’t give up when the media says you should. They will compare you to a cock roach in a microwave.

If your biggest accomplishment in life is that, you have delivered thousands of babies. You are an idiot and shouldn’t even be ask questions. After all what do you know about anything?

If you mention you go to church or believe in Christ then you are some kind of religious zealot. Who needs one of them in the white house? After all God, ask the president what to do every day.

A while back if you were a black man, with a blemished past you got a certain amount of grace. Today if you are a black republican man, you are just a stupid pizza delivery boy that tries to molest all the women in town.

Speaking of women, if you are a republican woman, you need to stay home, stay bare footed and take care of all those kids you have. You are too stupid to try to balance a budget. After all just because you can raise a dozen or so kids does not mean you know anything about a budget.


What no one is saying is this.

1. If elected this is how I will change things.

2. This is how long it will take.            

3. This is how much the plan will cost you the taxpayer.

Finally, no one has said, “If I make it through this blood bath, this is how I plan to beat Obama.”

It may no longer be possible for a republican to win against Obama. The winner of this race will already be beat up and cut up more than Obama could ever do himself.

These idiots have all stood around shutting each other in the head. Most likely the last one standing will turn his weapon to his own temple and pull the trigger.

Obama will then say, “I win by default. I am still alive.”

 Sadly, he will be right.

What a sad day, Obama, standing on a pile of republican corpses while being sworn in.

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One Comment on “The Debates”

  1. Gail Says:

    I would not want to be president, nor would want to even RUN for president…Why do they want that headache? Just sayin’…..

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