PG and the N word

I often read a blogger by the name of PG. We don’t always see eye to eye. especially concerning religion.

I don’t read PG to agree with him. I read PG because he makes me think. That is the  stuff great blogs are made of. I might add also he  has great pictures.

The following is from his blog. I actually commented on it today. I added mine at the bottom.


Hope you enjoy. By the way if want the hair raised on the back of your neck visit PG at

The good thing about not having a big audience is the freedom to discuss touchy subjects. I can say more or less anything I want, and since very few are reading, there is no problem.
With that in mind, I approach the subject for today’s lesson…the “N- word”. It doesn’t get much touchier. We all know what that word is. It has six letters, rhymes with trigger, and makes the brains of some people turn into jello. It is a derogatory phrase for people of African origin.
I try to avoid using this term. There are four main reasons for this. If I ever get paid for doing this I will come up with a top ten list.
1- The N word hurts people’s feelings. I have known many fine Black people, and my life is much richer as a result. I do not want to say anything that will hurt these people. As for the not so fine Black People that I have known, they are G-d’s children, just like me. My fellow human beings no not deserve to be insulted just for who they are.
2- Being heard saying the N word can cause all sorts of problems. This can include physical retribution, loss of employment, lawsuits, and having to listen to enough loud angry words to make you wish you had never learned how to talk.
3- It is not a fair fight. There is no equivalent phrase for a Black Person to say to a white person. I do not wish to give that power to another group of people… to turn me into a mass of incoherent rage, just for hearing a six letter word.
The closest thing to this is “Cracker”, which I only recently found out was an insult. This is odd, because when I was a boy, we had a minor league baseball team called the Atlanta Crackers.
4- The use of the N word demeans the user. When you say an insulting word about another human being, you make yourself look bad. When you hate someone, you hate yourself worse than the person you hate. And frankly, a lot of these people are not worth it.
This feature was originally posted at my original blog, and copied three years ago. I wrote in first person shamelessly. Pictures are from The Library of Congress 
Since I originally posted this, a Kansas/Kenya man, with dark skin, has been elected President. The playing field is having a fruit basket turnover. No one is really certain what is what anymore, except things are different. Or maybe they are the same. It is 2012.
I would like to further comment on is the reality of black people using the n word. It is a word that degrades the person who uses it. For a person of color, it degrades them as the object, as well as the speaker. I cannot help but wonder why a person would want to do that to them self, their family and their community. I realize that as a white person this is none of my business. Why should I have more respect for a person than he has for himself?
It is like smoking cigarettes. Yes, it is legal, and you have the right to pull toxic chemicals into your body. But why on earth would you want to?

my comment

gary Simmons said, on February 2, 2012 at 12:49 pm

When a black comedian uses the N word everyone laughs. Are they making themselves as well as their friends look stupid? If so why isn’t any one offended by it?

Saying the N word is like cussing. Most of us do it,black and white. The bottom line is it shows our ignorance.

I am amazed when I read a book that the author has to dedicate a few pages of detailed sex acts and a few pages for cussing. It tells me he just has a lousy vocabulary and that is the only way he can get your attention.

Wait, wait, did I just say that is the only way he can get your attention. What is the black comedian trying to do? What is the red neck trying to do? What is the ignorant black man on the corner trying to do?

Listen close to someone who freely throws the N word around. 99% of them also cut loose with a lot of cussing. Like a screaming baby that just wants to draw attention to themselves. Who it offends isn’t important. It is all about them.

This isn’t about race as much as it is about being self-centered and stupid.

You know we have thrown every offensive deed we can think of at race. I say get over it. Stupid people say stupid things. Always have and always will. Racist don’t have stupid cornered.

Thanks for allowing me to rant a little.

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3 Comments on “PG and the N word”

  1. Gail Says:

    sometimes it takes a lot for people to actually hear one another…and sometimes the “odd word” stops ears from actually hearing…..

  2. chamblee54 Says:

    Thank you for the kind words. The text is just something to put between the pictures.

  3. I appreciate your post on this issue. As a child I struggled with this term. I didn’t comprehend why I was addressed with such disgust by some & embraced with such love by others solely based on my skin color. Of course, it hurt my feelings, but it taught me a lesson. I will never be able to control someone’s perception of me; I can be an exceptional individual but some are taught to hate me because of my skin. I no longer allow the “N word” to hold me in captivity. I can’t keep people from saying the word, yet I can determine my response to the term. If you don’t add fuel to a fire, it burns out. I have the same approach for people with this mindset. I can’t make anyone share my emotional reaction, but I can refuse to allow their words to control me.

    As for myself, I do not use the term. By using the term I would be delivery the message “it’s acceptable,” which is a false statement. I refuse to associate with people who address others with the “N word.” I’m sure some people use the term, but they WILL NOT use the term in my presence. The situation is embarrassing & disrespectful for anyone who overhears the word being used. In addition, I encounter pleasant & rude individuals on a daily basis from all races. I chose not to be an ugly person in return, it will not change anything.

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