When I was a kid we didn’t go to movies. We went to the show. Mostly, the Saturday afternoon show. You could take a quarter and get in. With the change, you could buy a bag of popcorn and a fountain drink. Everything was a nickel. The only problem was the movie cost fifteen cents so that meant you had one nickel left after the popcorn and cola.

Another coke and you would spend the next four hours needing to pee. A bag of popcorn and you would be thirsty for the rest of the afternoon. If you ask your mother for another nickel, you would be told you were an ingrate and wouldn’t be allowed to go at all.

If you are wondering what a ingrate is. Ask my mama. I have no idea.

Today to put a child through such mental strain would most likely be considered child abuse.

If you made too much noise, the high school senior dressed in his Sunday suit would flash his light in your face once. The next time he would throw you out the front door. Today that would be bullying.

If you threw something up in the balcony where the blacks set they would throw ice on you. Then the senior would come and throw you out.

If the manager seen you get thrown out too many times he would bar you from coming for a month or so.

If you complained to your parents, they would beat you within an inch of your life. (or so it seemed) Again, child abuse.

If you were lucky, you found a girl who would go with you. Then if you were real lucky,and  she allowed you to kiss her. The senior would shine his flash light on the two of you and hold it there. He would then shout. No smunching in here. Of course the theater would turn and laugh at you.

The girl would jump up as if it wasn’t her idea at all and run out the front lobby. Today that would be sexual harassment.

If you sit through both the double features and the little movie in between and a hundred previews plus the local funeral home ad and was ready to start all over. The senior would come by and shine the light in your face and say really loud, “Boy you don’t live here get your butt up and leave.”

Even with all that it was better than the pecker head that sets in front of you today and answers his stupid cell phone.

You know the idiot that says,”Hello, yeah. I am here watching the movie. I ant’ busy. It sucks anyway. What’s happening with you?

Now if you would like to take your own personal trip down memory lane click the following link.


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  1. Gail Says:

    Movies were always pretty special….

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