Bubba’s Car Emporium and fine Pre-owned Cars and Trucks

As most of you that read this blog regularly know, I own a car lot. Like all small business people, I am always on the lookout for new trends.

I have found over the last three years that people need less and less expensive cars and trucks. I have my own ideas of why this is happening. Still today isn’t the day to ponder on deep things. No, today is a day to try to figure out how to keep my head above water.

I am thinking of buying some of the vehicles below. I can buy them at a very good price and then sale them below market value and still make a profit.

Some of you may disagree but profit really isn’t a nasty word. It isn’t even nasty when a car dealer says it.

Any way as a consumer, do you think any of the following might sell?

Oh yes, I am also thinking as a market strategy to change the name of my lot from, A CAR LOT, to Bubba’s Car Emporium and Fine Pre-owned Cars and Trucks.
Your input would be greatly appreciated.


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2 Comments on “Bubba’s Car Emporium and fine Pre-owned Cars and Trucks”

  1. […] owns a used car lot in Mississippi. He sometimes leaves comments on this blog. His last post was Bubba’s Car Emporium and fine Pre-owned Cars and Trucks. H- Radiolab H is a funny letter. It is always silent in Spanish, which makes you wonder why it […]

  2. These cars are in terrible shape. But, it will take a major renovation project to make these cars serviceable. A very doable solution.

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