I am one of those people that pick his nose and not his friends. That means I have very starched conservative friends along with some very liberals ones. As you can imagine this creates some very interesting conversations. Never more than when the lefties decide to visit when the righties are already there.

Now one conversation always comes up, the debt ceiling. Everyone sees it as a problem but no one seems to have the answer. That is up to yesterday. My very good friend Bubba Jones came by that day. I had a leftie there and righty and the debt ceiling was being discussed at length.

Bubba came in and sIt quietly listening to what everyone was saying. As always their answer to the problem, seem to make no sense at all.

I turned to Bubba, ”What’s you take on the debt ceiling?”

“It’s like this you see. You come home one day and the main sewage line that runs down the street has stopped up. Every house in the neighborhood is up to the ceiling in crap.

Now you gotta make a decision. Do you raise your ceilings or pump out the poop.”

Thank you Bubba I finally understand what these no it all’s have been trying to explain to me for the last three years.

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