God Always Makes A Way, Sometimes It Is A Strange Way

Dear Son,

This year the ground is extra hard. It has been weeks since we have seen any rain. You are in prison and I am too old to break the clots. There want be any potatoes planted this year.

Your Daddy


Dear Dad,

For goodness, sakes don’t be messing with that potato patch. That is where I buried all the dead bodies.


Your Son


The next day the FBI and several other Federal Agencies showed up and turned every bit of dirt in the potato patch. They found nothing and quietly left the property rather embarrassed.


2 days later

Dear Dad,

Sorry I couldn’t be there to turn the potato patch for you.  I hope the people I sent did a good job.

Your Son





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One Comment on “God Always Makes A Way, Sometimes It Is A Strange Way”

  1. Gail Says:

    all he needs now is someone to water it after he plants those potatoes…

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