Upon A October Eve

It’s too early for Halloween but not too early to get in the mood. Hope you enjoy this story about a man and his brand new knife.

I took a walk last October eve

Hoping a ghost I might catch sight

The moon had not yet rose on this strange night

Suddenly I froze

I was scared to the tip of my toes

There in front of me appeared two eyes

Surely they must belonged to the dead

I suddenly wanted to be home in bed with the covers over my head

These spears of terror moved ever so slow, I imagined them belonging to a troll

I was now frozen in my tracks

Not able to will myself to turn back

From the darkness appeared a knife

I smiled with relief, when I saw it was only my wife

Still in shock I answered, “Hello wife”

“Goodbye” and with that she stabbed me with my knife

Let this be a lesson

Don’t enter the woods in October without your Smith and Wesson

If you do the ghost you desire to hear go boo

May just end up being you

A wife that you thought so true

May find herself feeling a little blue

Then when you least expect it, the blade will slice without a clue

I must close now, for I am on the path to hell

I hear my name chime with each toll of the bell

I am sure the devil can’t wait to hear this twisted tale

Good bye life

Good bye my wife

Be sure to wipe clean my new knife







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