To Rescue Or Not

Like most Americans I have watched what is happening in New York. I am always awed by the bravery of the fire and police department. How many of us would willing place our own lives on the line for someone else? Someone we don’t even know.

Maybe most of you nodded you would. Great, now let’s take it to the next step. Your setting in a boat. The boat is floating in a small pond full of alligators. The guy setting next to you decides to jump out among the alligators. His reasoning is that it looks fun.

After hitting the water several of the huge reptiles start swimming in his direction. The man suddenly screams. I don’t want to die, help me.

Just for the sake of argument the only way you can save him is to dive in. Most likely causing your on death. Would you do it?

Not me. If he was stupid enough to dive in he gets what he wants.

Now with that said. Why does some idiot that climbs a mountain just for the fun of it deserves to have a helicopter sent to his rescue endangering a whole team of men.

If you have some sorta answer that explains why this jerk deserves saving, great.

My next question is should he be charged the cost of the rescue or charged with manslaughter if someone else dies trying to save the idiot.

If someone tells you a hurricane is coming and you see it on TV and still refuse to move out you should not get any help. If the rescuers feel pity on you. The least should happen is you are responsible for the cost in expenses and money. Also it should be strictly on a volunteer basis who rescues you.

The rescue personal may think their services are in a greater need where someone else is in harm’s way. Someone that didn’t knowingly place their self in such a position.

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2 Comments on “To Rescue Or Not”

  1. Gail Says:

    There has to be some kind of line drawn…people have drifted away from taking responsibility for their actions

  2. Galina Says:

    Onek din por a post korlam khob bhalo lagse . asohle Munshigonj ar Aitijjo k poro banglar maje tole dhorar jonno তৈয়ব আহমেদ শেখ k onek Dhonno bad .

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