My grandson and I share the same birth month. It is October. Our birthdays are within a couple of weeks of each other. That make me exactly fifty years older than him. He just turned 13. Right, do the math and you see I am 63 and have not updated my profile in a while.

Last night I thought back to when I turned 13. Like the title says 13 sucks.

When I was a kid, this is how life looked to me and most of my friends.

Birth – 5 You are a baby. The world revolves around you. You are happy.

6 – 12 you are a kid and everyday is a new adventure. Some excellent some not so pleasurable. You are happy.

13 you are a blank a negative more about 13 later.

14 When I was 14, you could get your license. A whole new world opened up. You were mobile and could get into all kinds of brand new trouble. You were very happy.

15 you got your first real summer job. It was normally doing something the high-school dropout labor refused to do. However, you had your own money. You were happy.

16 you met the girl of your dreams and fell in love. A month or so later she dumped you and were heart-broken. You day dreamed of killing yourself to get even with her. You could even see your own funeral. There was no hope. You could never forget her.

Two weeks later you met your second true love and forgot the first one’s name. You were happy.

17 you either got serious about school, or you dropped out and joined the service. This was a stupid idea but when you came home on leave, you could take your military ID and buy beer for yourself and your friends. You were happy.

18 you could now legally drink beer. You either started college or you got drafted. If you got drafted you could take your military ID and by hard liquor when on leave for yourself and friends.

If you went to college, you found someone with a fake ID. Either way you were happy.

19 you were standing somewhere. You might be standing in front of a judge deciding were to join the military or go to jail. You might be standing in front a preacher you never met before getting married.

You were doing this for one of the following reasons.
A. You were sure that you were in love.
B. The man standing behind you was going to kill you if you didn’t do right by his daughter.
C. Your girl friend was knocked up.

The one place you weren’t standing was in the room you grew up in. Somewhere between 18 and 19 either you moved out on your own or your daddy changed the locks and didn’t give you a key.
Either way you were happy even if it was for a short time.

Now back to 13. You are too old to get toys for Christmas, and you really don’t appreciate nice clothes.
You are too old to trick or treat, and you are too old to pass out candy. You are too young to roll yards, and you are a year away from driving.

You are old enough to keep the younger kids while your parents go out but too young to stay the weekend by yourself. In short, you are either too old or too young for anything. You are unhappy.

13 sucks

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