I Voted Today


I am sure some people have died in battle just where we can vote. My hat is off to those people. I have nothing against patriotism.

My granddaddy fought in World War I. My uncle fought in World War II. I was drafted and served between 1969 and 1971. My son-n-law is an Air force guard pilot and has landed in every area of the world that there has been combat for the last six or seven years.

I have yet heard anyone say, “I served my country in order for people to vote.” I think patriotism for the most of us is simply doing what is correct. For me, it was doing what someone else thought was right. I certainly never agreed with the war, still don’t after all these years.

Now, I got that out of my system, I will continue. I have voted every election since turning of age. I have voted with a pencil and a ballot. I have voted on machines where you turned small knobs. I remember voting on a machine once when you were through you pulled a large lever that looked like a slot machine. Like most people I now vote on a computer screen with a Popsicle stick.

Still, throughout all my voting experiences I have only twice voted for someone I thought would do a good job. All the other times I simply voted against someone.

When Ross Perot ran I voted for him because I liked him. I voted for him both times. A wasted vote, you might say. Most likely, still it felt good those two times not to vote for what I considered the least of two evils.

Today I felt these were my choices. Vote for the devil I know or vote for the devil I don’t. It is no one’s business which I voted for.

To me, it would be a slap in the face to all those people who have died that gave me the right to vote. It doesn’t matter that most of them wasn’t even old enough to vote themselves or most likely didn’t care or understood the voting process.

I honor them with my vote because they died doing what they thought was right.

When my children were old enough to vote, I said, ” No votey,no complainy.”

I still say that.

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2 Comments on “I Voted Today”

  1. Steve G Says:

    I voted for Romney. I’m a Conservative, and while I’m not all that sure of Romney’s Conservative bones, I know damn well Obama has none whatsoever. My first vote was for Reagan, and I’ve never voted for a non-Republican since, though I’ve often doubted their conviction to the Conservative cause. Many, such as Dole & McCain, I consider more “Democrat lite” than true Republican, but the alternatives were too horrible to contemplate.

  2. Gail Says:

    I voted also…early. This country is Divided almost in half….lets pray that we can come together as a country and get our Nation BACK on TRACK. (I voted for the man that I felt was the most Honorable…Mitt Romney)

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